Julius Brennecke

Jürgen Knoblich: 

  • "Advanced Investigator Grant" by the European Research Council ERC (January)
  • Elected to the Austrian Academy of Sciences as Corresponding Member (May)

Vukoslav Komnenovic:

  • Publication Prize of the German Speaking Mycological Society (DMykG)
    for the paper Hnisz D, Majer O, Friohner IF, Komnenovic V, Kuchler K: The Set3/Hos2 histone deacetylase complex attenuates cAMP/PKA signaling to regulate morphogenesis and virulence of Candida albicansis (November)

Henriette Kurth:

  • Nature Structural Molecular Biology Poster Prize, The 15th annual meeting of the RNA Society, Seattle (June)
  • VBC PhD Award (November)

Karl Mechtler:

  • "Outstanding Scientist Technology Award" by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (March)

Fabio Mohn:  

  • Prize for best PhD thesis by FMI Basel (September)

Jesus Fernandez Rodriguez:

  • Best Poster Prize at "Analysis and Engineering of Biomolecular Systems" (September)
  • Best Selected Talk at "Analysis and Engineering of Biomolecular Systems" (September)

Daniel Schramek:

  • VBC PhD Award (November)

    Marlene Vinzenz:

    •  Best Poster Prize at the International meeting of the German society for cell biology "Actin Dynamics" (September)

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