Lucia Aronica

  • FameLab Austria 2009 Award, Vienna, Austria
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  • Third prize in FameLab finals, Cheltenham, GB

Julius Brennecke

  • John Kendrew Young Scientist Award by EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
    »» link to picture (EMBLPhotolab/MSchupp)

Johann Holzmann

  • Research Award of the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology 2009
  • Research Award of the Sanofi-Aventis Foundation 2009
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Jürgen Knoblich

  • Wittgenstein Award by the Austrian Government 2009

Henriette Kurth

  • Poster Award for poster titled "Hen1p-mediated 2’-O-methylation stabilizes Piwi-associated small RNA and ensures DNA elimination in Tetrahymena", EMBO Workshop, Vienna, Austria

Arabella Meixner

Josef Penninger

  • 2009 ESCI Award for Excellence in Biomedical Investigation by the European Society for Clinical Investigation
    »» link to picture (together with ESCI president George P. Chrousos)
  • Elected to the Academia Europea (Academy of Europe), UK
  • ASMR Medal 2009 by the Australian Society for Medical Research



The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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